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My client wanted an ad that went beyond the typical pearl ads. He wanted to show that they didn’t just sell regular white pearl necklaces but sold unique pieces. I though an oyster would be perfect. The image shows pearls as a natural, unique and artistic jewels, it conveys much more than a strand of pearls does. Here it shows one large pearl, making it appear special and valuable. Its placement in the lower right makes it a great focus point. It shows that Pearlfection sells gems, not just strands of jewelry.
The background was meant to convey vividness, color and life. The fabric folds where twisted to come shining out of the pearl and I added some sining light and a few wispy light bubbles. The background was given black edging to give it strong contrast. The logo was simplistic and flexible. The logo font is ‘Disturbance,’ it’s a serif font with such a unique look. The peal in the middle was a great way to divide the word and bring imagery into the logo. The logo ran vertically so that it didn’t unbalance the pearl, this also made it much more dynamic.

My first attempt was fine but my client wanted me to add other color pearls into the mix, feeling that one white pearl would mislead people into thinking they sold no other sort. He also thought that the pearl blended into the white light surrounding it so I darkened the oyster. I also had to change the logo and flip its orientation. After a few more drafts and minor changes it was finished.

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